Student Pastors: Rev Kyle & Janessa Thayer


Every Wednesday @ 7pm! Ages 12-18.


Join us every Tuesday @ 9pm for Youth & Family Prayer!


At Saginaw Valley United, we value the next generation.  A relationship with God is so important during some of the most crucial years of a young person's life.


Help Support our youth Financially!


We are starting a new fund-raising program to help fund our youth program.  It is called Great Lakes Scrip Center.  Through this program we will now be a Gift Card Retailer.  The way it works is if there are places that you shop on a regular basis or places that you like to give people gift cards for, you can now buy them from us!  At no added cost to you!  If you buy a $25 gift card to wherever, you pay $25.  Depending on the place, we will get a certain percentage of what ever you spend.  This includes: retail stores, restaurants, gas cards, travel sites, etc... This list is huge.  To make things even better, you can buy on-line, right from you home computer and also choose to debit right from your checking account.  You can buy ecards and refill certain cards right from the same place.  It will typically take about 1-2 weeks to receive your cards.  Click on the link below to go to the site.  You will also need our enrollment code.  Email to receive that enrollment code.  Once you have your code, you can create an account, just follow the directions on the site.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  This is a great and easy way to support our young people.